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Letter to Clients – March 18, 2020

I first want to recognize the awful implications COVID-19 has had on global humanity and the unfortunate loss of life. We continue to keep the world and those impacted in our thoughts and prayers.

Over the last month your team at Hall Financial Advisors has been extremely active; monitoring the unfolding Coronavirus and the impact on the various markets, asset allocations, as well as your long-term plans and goals.  

We will continue to have the open lines of communication with you and ask that you please reach out to our office to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  Our team is being tremendously proactive trying to reach out to you while at the same time being reactive to your needs as you have very appropriately have called or emailed your team at Hall Financial Advisors.  Thank you for reaching out to us, we welcome your questions and concerns. It has always been and will continue to be our commitment to you with uninterrupted proactive communication with you.  Our team has a strong plan in place to serve you throughout the Coronavirus outbreak, as well as through the recovery. Yes, this indeed will pass and we all look forward to enjoying a recovery in time. Hall Financial Advisors is beyond committed to effectively managing our coveted relationship and we will stay on top to this situation with unwavering commitment and resilience. 

This is my 21st year in this industry and my team and I have never been stronger or better prepared.  We have been through similar market volatility in the past, and each time we emerged with stronger relationships and a stronger economy. Like all the times of uncertainty before, this too will pass.  We will continue to exercise discipline, maintain a diversified investment philosophy and monitor short term events, while keeping our focus on your long-term goals.

Here are a few timely points your advisory team would like to share with you:

  1. While no one can time the market, in my experience there are some market indicators that the market is trying to re-stabilize.
  2. The market movements that we are seeing are unlike any since October of 1987 and the volatility index is near the 2008-2009 readings. Historically, this has happened before the markets stabilize.
  3. The Federal Reserve has recently taken multiple aggressive measures using the playbook that helped us navigate the 2008-2009 crisis, while Sunday Fed chairman Jerome Powell commented they are prepared and committed to take further steps, as needed.
  4. As I am writing, the government is working on bipartisan support to help support the US economy – airlines, hotels, restaurants, small business and potentially direct support to individuals and families.
  5. The markets appear oversold by historical valuation measures.
  6. We won’t be able to time markets perfectly, as you are aware, we are taking proactive measures when and where applicable. Bond prices have recently been at all time highs while the stock market has seen levels dating back to 2017.
  7. We will get to the other side of the Coronavirus and just like other historically challenged times we will emerge victorious.

Our staff takes great pride and helping you during these challenging times.  All of us at Hall Financial Advisors appreciate and respect our relationship.  Please make wise decisions and call us with your questions and concerns.  We are here for you and embrace the responsibility you have entrusted with your team Hall Financial Advisors; and one last thing, please do not forget to take time focus on the things in your life that bring you joy.

With gratitude,

Chris Hall, Managing Principal & your Team at Hall Financial Advisors

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